July 20, 2019
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Before he goes to trial, Kevin Spacey may want to think about getting new lawyers. After a year in hiding the troubled actor gave his fans and victims a new fan theory. In a very creepy video message, entitled, “let me be frank“. The actor shows off his acting chops by once again taking on the role of Frank Underwood. In a way that some say is breaking a rumored fifth wall. Hinting that the President may not be dead while seemingly defending himself as well. Netflix has not yet commented on the video. It seems to be put out by Spacey himself the day of his arrest. So can they sue him?

The fan theory was all but overshadowed by what seemed like his creepy defense of his own actions while in character as the corrupt President. It seems like Spacey has slipped into the incel/red pill culture that defends sexual assault accusers, rather than the victims. No matter how great of an actor he is or how much you thought Season 6 of House of Cards sucked, you and Spacey have to realize that he got fired for multiple sexual assaults even on the set of the show. There is no coming back from the dead for President Underwood. However some fans are saying that Spacey put out the video to save himself.

A New Way For the Rich and Powerful to Defend Themselves Against #Metoo???

Spacey’s video which went viral on Christmas Eve has garnered some support which may help him in a trial. In a cultural climate that is not inclined to believe victims lacking hard evidence with stories from decades ago this could go far to twist a jury’s judgement in favor of him. Spacey is a world-class actor who will be able to trick people into believing him. He may even release a number of videos before his trial in order to plant doubt in certain stories. Spacey loves the spotlight and may be taking cues by watching Donald Trump expertly maneuver the cable media landscape. Spacey may come out of this ahead and labelled the first prominent hero of incel culture.

John J. Falco