August 14, 2020
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Jack Ryan, Mayans, and The Purge are all well developed franchises that prove you need a brand name to break out in this crowded TV market of over 500 TV shows expected this year.

These three newest shows that grace our screens all have passionate fanbases and it’s creators are itching to show off their worlds to new eyeballs.

None more than Tom Arnold and Kurt Sutter, the creators of the hugely popular Sons of Anarchy franchise. They have plans to expand the franchise into two more series depending on the success of Mayans. Measurably, Sons of Anarchy’s spinoff Mayans M.C. is the winning break-out hit of the fall TV season so far. With nearly 3 million viewers tuning into the pilot episode on FX! For those keeping up, that beats the premiere of every FX TV show since 2016s The People VS OJ Simpson and any other drama in that time period on a cable channel for that matter. It also appears that ten years later, the SOA’s sizable fanbase has stuck around to watch the new series. Mayans’ debut matched Sons of Anarchy’s series premiere!

The Purge’s TV series is getting mixed reviews but it opened to a sizable 2.3 million views for USA.

Jack Ryan had a HUGE marketing campaign before it’s debut starting way back with a super bowl commercial. If you went anywhere on any social media platform it was hard to not see John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan grinning down at you. It marks a brave new restart for Amazon’s once struggling TV business. But they turned John Krasinski into a bonafide action hero. Not every network can say that, can they? The next Chris Pratt? Could be, but while Jack Ryan’s numbers are being kept under wraps, fans can breathe easy that the action-packed series will be getting a season two. It’s bound to give Magnum P.I. a run for it’s money.

What’s interesting is that these TV shows all premiered before the official start of Fall TV which is due on the big name networks at the end of September.

John J. Falco