December 3, 2020
  • 11:53 am TV Titles Predict Iowa Chaos
  • 10:08 pm The Artifact May Be Part of Star Trek’s Off-Screen Future
  • 11:46 am Breaking Apart That Anti-Good Omens Campaign
  • 10:38 pm Chernobyl’s Hot Zone: A Sleepy Summer Finds Drama in a New Genre
  • 11:10 am HBO Reminds Fans That It Has Other Stuff Besides GOT

Does Supernatural have to live on The CW? Conventional wisdom says yes, as they totally own all the rights to the franchise and any spinoffs, but this has been The CW’s second failed attempt to spinoff the highly successful monster show.

It boggles my mind how The CW does NOT see the potential franchise opportunities lurking around the underbrush of the Supernatural Universe. In 13 years the Winchester Brothers have encountered just about every type of mystical and paranormal monster imaginable, and they do it even better than the X-Files did in their prime. Sorry Chris Carter.

DC Universe might be a good home for Wayward Sisters, or their streaming platform CW Seed, which I hear CW is planning to beef up at the Upfront on Thursday. There’s a fan petition going around for CW to save Wayward Sisters, which I just realized the title of the show fits rather well for the scenario that the ladies find themselves in.

In other supernatural news, there’s been rumors that The CW might revive the live-action Constantine which was cancelled a number of years ago, as well as saving Fox’s fan favorite Lucifer which was cancelled last week. These two shows would make a great pairing with Supernatural itself giving perhaps a supernatural TV Show block on the network.

John J. Falco