October 31, 2020
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Even as the critically acclaimed train-wreck that is the romance drama, The Affair gets renewed for a fourth and perhaps final season. The sobbing cries of late night comic Stephen Colbert on that little known election night special may have summed it up best. Like a company kindly letting go of someone, ShowTime is heading in a new ideological direction. Fitting considering the President-Elect’s signature catchphrase, “You’re Fired”.

I noticed what ShowTime was doing back in November. Even when they released Billions, the show that clashes Money with Sex, Power, and NYC Politics. I knew a dramatic change was happening at the network. They weren’t appealing to The Affair’s crowd. They were appealing to Trump’s crowd!

Like the genius creative team behind their top hit Homeland whose season 5 finale was so eerily similar to the European Subway bombings that happened just weeks after it aired. ShowTime executives don’t seem too shocked to learn that Trump won the Presidency, unlike their mock talk show host. They like Trump, seem to be riding an interesting wave of success and I’m not the only one who thinks the network is poised to make Cable TV History for the next four years. Perhaps the fortune-telling magic of Homeland, has rubbed onto their executives?

While some networks seem to be moving in the right direction. Other networks have to work through their scripts to make it seem like it works with the Trump administration, or run away from it completely. David Nevins, CEO of ShowTime, has basically said they were expecting it and planned for it! It’s no doubt that a lot of the shows on ShowTime are political and Nevins said they are upping their political chops.

With The Circus ShowTime changed cable history in ways most critics don’t even fully comprehend yet. I’m ecstatic to learn that the network is going full throttle in that direction! With a spin-off documentary set to air called Trumped: Inside The Greatest Political Upset of All Time on February 3, and a new potential John Oliver type talk show. ShowTime is gearing up for an epic comeback and leading the media’s slow embrace of America’s heartland.

The only question I have now is will Axe on Billions run for President in season 3? It seems like the perfect story line!





John J. Falco