May 26, 2019
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The ultimate champion of the MeToo Movement would have to be the infamous intern who almost brought down a President. She has been trying to step out of the shadows of that scandal for decades. Now, a bonafide activist and Television personality, Lewinsky has successfully either knowingly or not started her Presidential run for 2020.

It starts with the two TV shows about her on network television that have now been squashed. Was it done due to change of heart by the execs or do they know something we don’t? TV channels usually don’t lose interest in 20 year old scandals especially milestone anniversaries.

American Crime Story’s Ryan Murphy has backtracked on his idea for the fourth installment of the show which was to be a drama, much like The People VS OJ Simpson, based on her time in the WH, He said he wants her to be able to tell her story the right way and that she should do it her way. Also of note the History Channel has done away with a a six-part drama based on the Impeachment of Bill Clinton which would have heavily focused on Lewinsky, and is instead doing a docu-series on the impeachment itself.

It seems to me that Hollywood is warming up to Lewinsky, and is opening the door a little for her. The Democrats who are part of the Me Too movement, are desperately looking for a leader for this coalition of women. With Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon leading the way, in New York’s gubernatorial race and Stormy Daniels beating Trump at his own media game. A number of high profile women are making their own type waves, but they still need a leader.

I for one am waiting to see if she is invited to the DNC for a little campaign launching speech. It would do wonders for Democrats to finally coalesce around this movement and for her to step into that spotlight; the one which Bill Clinton controlled for so many years. It would be a shinning moment the Democratic Party, if those two share the spotlight front and center.

For her part alone Lewinsky, her famous media pieces. her interviews, and her emerging but powerful voice in the Me Too era are all the makings of an eventual run, and she might not want the establishment’s help for any of this. For now Lewinsky has a chance to dive further into the Me Too spotlight, and gain a louder voice for the 2018 midterms. If successful it may pave the way for that eventual 2020 Presidential run.

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John J. Falco