June 21, 2021
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Nestled within two competing Documentaries of Fyre Festival is a secret rehabilitation campaign for the festivals’ investors. Namely the man in charge, Billy McFarland who is currently serving a six year stint in federal prison.

Throughout the eye-popping documentary on Netflix, Fyre ex-employees, talk about how messy it was setting up the Fyre festival, but don’t necessarily take the blame or apologize for scamming rich millennials . Hulu even paid McFarland for the appearance! McFarland has access to a wealthy user list of some of the top influences on social media. What he could do with that user list is apparently limitless.

One would like to think that a convicted criminal could not run for elected office, but then one has not been paying attention to the public’s utter lack of knowledge on what white collar crime actually is. Just look at the people who support Donald Trump and who find anything and everything to twist in his defense. Mueller’s white collar crime indictments against Trump allies are all apparently innocent. They are victims targeted unfairly by the deep state. Hillary Clinton called Trump’s base deplorables. If all of Trump’s base are deplorables than 10-15% are scam artists exactly like Billy McFarland.

Billy 4 President?

Now, it’s not clear what McFarland’s politics are, but that doesn’t really matter. McFarland will not stop doing what he does best. It will be a whole new world with brand new technologies and a HUGE Trump hole. At 27 years old today, he won’t yet be old enough to actually run for President in six years, but might he step in to a leadership role in the ashes of a certain political party?

As the documentary shows, McFarland was running various schemes with the Fyre email list. Even while getting in trouble for the Fyre Festival. In politics and elsewhere in Silicon Valley email lists are data mining gold. From the credit card company to the fake Hamilton tickets Billy created, you could easily determine that McFarland was data mining by trumping up crappy technology and exclusivity. This is what politics and fake news is built on today and that’s why a career in politics seems likely for McFarland.

John J. Falco