May 28, 2020
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What’s going on with FAANGs relationship with the American Right? Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google and of course Twitter have an interesting relationship with the Right.

Activists are queasy about the seemingly buddy-buddy relationship with Republicans and top executives from each firm. Secret back-channel meetings coupled with complaints from the biggest players on social media makes it seem at times, that the quasi liberal tech executives are bending over backwards to please them.

Yet, the tech giants keep changing their algorithms, in a way that the right claims is discriminatory to their content.

It’s clear by now that the right does not understand that these tech companies keep changing their algorithms. As it’s clear that they believe in a mass conspiracy to censor conservatives because of partisan politics. Even though, they know these companies are working with them, they say it anyway for the click-bait headlines.

From conservative darlings, Diamond and Silk, Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, to the President himself. They’ve all made accusations of a similar matter without understanding new rules and policies set up by FAANG. This sparks anger and distrust among the right towards the tech companies, but how much truly? Those who accuse the same tech companies of doing this exploit the products and services they offer for personal gain. The consumers are none the wiser either. As none of these people have left the platform, the platforms don’t lose customers, and no customers/celebrities have specifically been banned either.

FANNG may have trouble acquiring new consumers at this point, but I am not seeing a grand plan to block conservative free speech on the platforms. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Diamond and Silk:

The big problem with Diamond and Silk was that they received a message from Facebook claiming that their content was unsafe, and they blew it up into a big scandal claiming that Facebook had actually blocked them from the site. None of that was true. Facebook sent them a message by mistake.

Alex Jones:

The big problem with Alex Jones was that he is basically setting up an anti-liberal manifesto through a serious of videos. The right thinks Google/Youtube is blocking Alex Jones, but they really aren’t. It’s just four videos. Jones meanwhile is free to publish content on Facebook, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently got in trouble for appearing to side with people like Alex Jones, Holocaust Deniers. While the Sandy Hook parents are increasingly angry at the tech companies for allowing Alex Jones content to continue to be shown on those sites. Due to his videos claiming that the thing was a hoax. Zuckerberg apparently strongly believes that Fake News is allowed to be shared by people on Facebook, but as he’s putting on a show and dance for a concerned public while pretending to fix the problem, his stock continues to drop in price.


Then there is this latest controversy with twitter and shadow-banning. This has literally nothing to do with content, and yet conservatives are making a big deal out of the Vice News piece. Even the President who frequently uses twitter to bash his enemies, like amazon, and has since made the platform pretty popular, has pledged to look into the matter. The problem? It wasn’t a shadow-ban at all. Prominent Republicans were not showing up in searches because of a bug in the coding.

But come on? Do you expect the conspiracy-minded big brother is watching everything types to see it that way? But hey, good on them for catching the bug. Of course, all of this could be an attempt to troll the right, and even while working on apparent fixes with them they could just not care about their platforms, even if they aren’t really blocking them.

Apple Escapes Right-Wing Criticism:

What’s interesting is that the one company that has been kept out of the loop of all this controversy is Apple. The most obvious liberal icon who has been very outspoken against President Trump. Trump and Apple seems to be best friends and so that’s where the controversy ends.






John J. Falco