Infinity War Trailer Appears to have Broken YouTube View Counts
Posted by John J. Falco on 29th November 2017

Update: It’s now possible to tell. 230 Million in 24 hours!!!!

How many views does the Infinity War Trailer have right now? It’s impossible to tell.

Most likely the trailer for the movie that’s been ten years in the making is getting so much traffic that YouTube cannot keep the view count up to date. As of right now, the views seemed paused at 467K and at 670K likes, something’s obviously not right here. The trailer was only posted two hours ago.

YouTube has previously been stuck in this controversy with views being stuck at 301 view counts while it checked for bots, but they claimed they stopped the practice…So is YouTube checking for bots on the trailer as I type this, or is there too much views for YouTube to keep track of?