In a New Consolidated Media Market Comcast Finds Itself Begging for Deals
Posted by John J. Falco on 8th May 2018

Almost everyone in the public wants a Disney/Fox Deal to happen. It’s probably the most popular merger in the history of mergers. It’s also being fueled by dreams of Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Star Wars crossovers. Yet no one wants Comcast to make a similar bid for Fox. Which it is attempting yet again.

Last week, Comcast one upped Fox, for a bid for Sky, the European media company for $31 Billion. Fox wanted to buy Sky for $18.5 Billion.

Comcast may have the edge in the Fox deal because it would prevent Disney from owning too many properties and it would offer significantly more money than the Disney/Fox Deal. Compare Comcast’s $60 Billion to Disney’s $52 Billion and the picture for regulators as well as Fox’s board becomes clear. Comcast has already made a bid for Fox last year, so it might be premature to speculate that offering more money for Fox will force Fox to agree to the buyout, but for now Comcast is waiting waiting for the Time Warner/AT&T deal to go through before attempting again.