Hulu Knows It Beats Netflix in Syndication Deals
Posted by John J. Falco on 11th January 2018

While bragging at CES about The Handmaid’s Tale and it’s original content plans, Hulu threw some shade over to Netflix. The streaming channel is currently spending boatloads on making original content while Hulu has been quietly acquiring the TV rights to practically everything else.

Hulu knows this and isn’t worried about Netflix’s $8 Billion budget. They have already raked in $20-30 Billion in Television rights and every single major TV platform has a hand in making Hulu great. With the Disney-Fox deal, Disney now owns Hulu. Which muddies Hulu’s future a bit, but that just means, we aren’t sure if Disney will use an already existing platform to power their own streaming dreams.

Based on Bob Iger’s vision, it seems like Hulu would be a premium adult channel like Cinemax, while the Disney platform will stay with stuff that’s under R-ratings. There is of course the possibility that Disney will allow users to pick a bundle of both services for a hefty price.