May 28, 2020
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In an inspirational tweet, Patrick Stewart announced his return as the most iconic diplomat and face palm artist in Starfleet history: Captain Picard! CBSAA says the plot of the new Picard centered Star Trek show,takes place after The Next Generation. So sadly, we probably won’t be seeing a teenaged Jean-Luc running around French vineyards and falling in love. Everything else in the plot is under wraps, but from Stewart’s tweet we can guess.

Reading between the lines you’ll find that it’s a little politically charged. It seems Captain Picard himself wants to remind everyone what diplomacy actually is. Having Picard be more of a political figure in Trek’s history would almost certainly be a counter to the age of Trump. Despite the political criticism of Discovery (which makes no sense), it shows that CBS isn’t going to be shying away from pushing certain partisan buttons. So get used to it.

But Picard Hates Politics Right?

Politics has always been central to the plot of Star Trek as it seamlessly weaved through countless stories, movies, and TV episodes and always reflect on the culture of the time. The character Picard, does not seek out politics and often was disgusted with the politics of the Trek universe.

Yet he’s saved the Federation from destruction multiple times, outsmarted holographic alien gods, formidable enemies, and not to mention certain celestial beings that seem to keep bothering him. He’s a time traveler who has signed numerous peace treaties, faced off against fake news and defeated his evil twin. Also, if he can spin it just right, led a robot army.

The actor has said that the new Picard story will represent a shinning light in these often dark times. That means there is a high probability that Picard is in some sort of higher political office in this show. Perhaps even President of the United Federation of Planets.

Picard will never run for office, even if Worf would help him out on the campaign. I don’t see Picard on the campaign trail kissing alien babies and doing interviews. It will take place after the events of Nemesis in a relatively peaceful galaxy.

The future Trek after Nemesis is what Trek fans have always wanted to see. Picard might face a threat infiltrating the entire Federation. That threat could be a new enemy that is implicating other politicians. The Star Trek timeline after Nemesis is relatively unexplored, except for a few novels. This show could be a type of Trek West Wing. Where Picard deals with something very similar to the Russian Investigation.


John J. Falco