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Left Russian Agent Maria Butina Right Sandrine Holt as Russian Agent Simone Martin on Homeland

On August 6th 2017, I asked for more of the seemingly wacky plots thought up by the intelligence drama that keep turning out to be true.

In the dark polarized world of Homeland’s seventh season which started on February 11, 2018 and ended April 29, 2018, the show came up with a few subplots that seemed just as unlikely as the ones from the past two years. Including a nation on a brink of a civil war jump-started by a disgruntled radio host.

Never did I imagine witnessing a real life terrorist attack three months after a TV show predicted it and showed us how it could happen. Never did I imagine that the Russians would create those real-but fake bots. Yet, both of these things did happen in real life and Homeland told us it would happen before it did!

Impressed, I watched season 7 with bated breath, as the writers wanted us to believe that the White House Chief of Staff, could be seduced by a beautiful Russian agent. Now, another three months later, the show’s eerie accuracy has not lost it’s amazing track record for predicting the future.

Future Imperfect: Maria Butina VS Simone Martin

Maria Butina is an accused Russian Spy who seduced many members of the conservative and pro-gun movement.  Sound familiar? That’s because the  Russian agent is a striking younger version of Season 7’s very own Simone Martin and her web goes much deeper than Simone’s ever did in the show.

To recap Simone Martin was David Wellington’s fiancé, and an undercover Russian agent with deep connections to the GRU. By the end of Season 7 Wellington is feeling compromised. So he tried to resign, and Simone became a key asset to the U.S. Intelligence agencies. Apparently just like what Carrie’s team did with Simone, Butina was being tracked by the FBI for years and used her to figure out if she was an undercover agent.

Rumors have it that her so-called relationships go much deeper than is noted on paper. Apparently there’s more about her back-channel deals with Russia that will become known in the coming days. Yet, we do know that somehow someway, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) a U.S. Congressman is involved with Butina in a seemingly more personal matter. Rohrabacher was apparently part of a team that traveled to Moscow to meet with the Russians. A meeting that Butina set up. Among other things Butina is already singing, and she has declared a romantic relationship with a GOP operative named Paul Erickson.

Astoundingly Homeland’s plots seem to keep coming true, three to six months after they are aired on TV. How interesting that the storyline which seemed slow moving, annoying at times, and took up the majority of season 7s plot turned out to be true!


John J. Falco