November 13, 2019
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  • Trump has retweeted a seemingly real but fake twitter account
  • Trump’s twitter account is filled with Russian bots

While the public endlessly debates about Trump’s intelligence levels, and vetting process. He’s either a genius master manipulator or a doofus who just shoots first and asks questions later. A lot can be said for Showtime’s counterintelligence drama Homeland which seems to keep predicting the future.

The show about an ex-Marine who betrays his country and turns into a terrorist has since evolved into one of the most accurate fortune tellers in TV history. I came away with a brand new respect for Homeland when two events collided. One from the show and one in real life.

Maalbeek Metro Station After the Terrorist Attack

Homeland season 5 aired from October 4, 2015, and concluded on December 20, 2015. Its plot dealt largely with an impending terrorist attack on the subway system in Berlin Germany. On the morning of 22 March 2016 (not three months after the Homeland Season finale), three coordinated suicide bombings occurred in Belgium Brussels: two at Brussels Airport in Zaventem, and one at Maalbeek metro station in central Brussels. Now of course, Brussels isn’t Berlin as was the target in the show, but those two events were so oddly similar and happened so close together in my life, that I couldn’t ignore it. I remember I felt the impact in Brussels that much more just because I felt like I just witnessed it on Homeland.

The Wall of Fake Bots, Discovered on Homeland Season 6

Homeland season 6 aired on January 15, 2017, and concluded on April 9, 2017. A subplot in season 6 dealt largely with an undercover agent infiltrating a right wing radio hosts operation and what was discovered was that the radio host was hiring people to create Twitter and Facebook accounts that seemed like they were just real enough to pass as real people with the sole purpose of spreading fake news for him and his radio show! Isn’t that just what this article discovered?!

The Fake Twitter Account President Trump re-tweeted 8/5 /17 @ 7:00 PM

For all intents and purposes, Protrump45’s account is real, but it’s a bot and a sock puppet. It was full of stock photos and anti-Democrat memes. Sock Puppets is the aptly named ninth episode of season 6. The one in which our undercover agent discovers the right wing radio hosts network of fake users. The President still hasn’t removed the tweet, but the account is no longer available.

Trump seems to have exposed a very real network of right wing bots just four months after Homeland season 6 ended. What can season 7 dream up now?



John J. Falco