January 20, 2021
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  • 11:10 am HBO Reminds Fans That It Has Other Stuff Besides GOT

The Simpsons has their catchy theme song. Law & Order has it’s iconic chime and Breaking Bad has it’s famous smoky theme song. However, a cute video has been blowing up on social media, which might suggest that all of HBO shows are interconnected.

John Oliver wants to know what the point of the static that infects the beginning of each and every one of those HBO shows, is. Various HBO stars (note these are the top billed new stars with current TV shows) say AH, and then a montage of the static zooms out showing that all those stars making the noise creates that staticy noise pretty well.

While this is mocking corporate bullying, in a sense the ad hits a home run. All these shows are HBO original titles, and before the start of each show, before the start of the static, you have an Apple TV like menu HBO set up to show you a logo of the show that you are watching.

Here’s the video below:

John J. Falco