HBO Fans Fear AT&T Changes
Posted by John J. Falco on 10th July 2018

HBO fans are reading between the lines when the head of the new Warner Media John Stankey, said that he wants more content and changes at the company.

HBO is known as the go-to premium cable channel. To HBO fans that usually means quality of quantity. Unlike Netflix, which itself has quality over quantity.  Wanting, more hours a day of content, for HBO could certainly muddy the waters and HBO fans aren’t too thrilled about that. It sounds like Stankey is working towards a move towards traditional programming on a streaming platform (like Netflix) for HBO. Perhaps even putting all Warner Media content onto the HBO service. It sounds like a lofty task, but it’s an easier path forward to see Stankey’s vision come to fruition. HBO only has so much content, but if you could access other platforms via the HBO app, like TNT or TBS, then there’s your hours of content a day. If CNN is bundled with the HBO subscription, take my money.

Stankey said he doesn’t plan on firing people or changing things too much at HBO. He wants to increase the budget and the production value of their hit shows/IP. This should bode good news for critical hits like Westworld. He’s content that HBO is doing as good as it is, but he wants more eyeballs, subscribers and content. For HBO fans that may mean changes to some of their favorite and more work for the employees.

It’s going to take a lot for HBO fans and new consumers to trust AT&T that they won’t mess with some of their favorite content. For now though, it seems like the fears are unfounded. Just your typical mistrust of a big telecom coming in to acquire a network.