August 14, 2020
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If you’ve followed Sean Hannity’s movements recently as of April 2018, you’d know that he is in a boatload of trouble. Despite his “charming” act at a recent rally with the President. Sean Hannity is scared! He is Michael Cohen’s third client. The guy you go to to apparently cover up sexual harassment and affairs with pornstars. When that was first leaked out, it sparked numerous CTs about what Hannity could be hiding, or what exactly he was talking with Cohen about. Cohen claimed and has never denied that Hannity is his client. Hannity meanwhile says that Cohen knows nothing and they just spoke about real estate. “Almost exclusively.”

However, reports up until last week said that Mr. Trump is prepared to fire Rod Rosenstien after the midterms. That is, until Sean Hannity got involved. “Under zero circumstances should the President fire anybody.” WHAT???? Why would Mr. Sean Hannity be saying this? Isn’t that one of the main arguments for Mr. Apprentice in the WH. To destroy the deep state and get a clean slate?

It must be noted here that Hannity is working against the entire point of the picture that the President’s campaign has painted of the man. This despite their fantasies of the President working against the Deep State. Yup, Hannity is sticking up for big government “operatives.” Even Laura Ingraham seemed confused at Hannity’s insistence that the President shouldn’t fire Rosenstien, or anybody. That is until she deleted her own tweet demanding Rosenstien be fired two days ago.

Now, you could say that Hannity really does believe the stuff that he says on his show, but even if he did believe that firing Rosenstien would be a deep state setup that would nail the President. It wouldn’t be all that shocking because, the President has known that Republicans in Congress would NEVER support this type of action. They have said from the beginning that firing Rosenstien, then Sessions, then Mueller would be the last straw. Is Hannity just reminding his friend over and over again about that? Or has Hannity, like every single world leader figured out that he could use his position with the President to turn things favorably for him.

Now remember, that Hannity is Cohen’s third and only client. Cohen has been speaking to Mueller. Rosenstein oversees the Mueller investigation. Has Hannity been using his position of influence with the President to benefit himself and his own wallet? The answer to that is definitely YES! The real question is what did Cohen and Hannity talk to Mueller/Rosenstein about? And why would Hannity NOT want them fired?

Is he preparing to flip on The President? If Hannity hasn’t made a deal with Mueller, wouldn’t Hannity like Trump JR want Rosenstein/Mueller fired?

John J. Falco