February 18, 2020
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It appears that the Pittsburg shooter was active on a little known social media site known as Gab.com. Touting for another holocaust on the site which bills itself as “an ad-free social network for creators who believe in free speech, individual liberty, and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.”

However, as the way things go on the internet these days, it has become a refuge for cranks, conspiracy theorists, alt-righters, white supremacists, white nationalists, Neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, internet trolls, Islamophobes and other creatures of the web. Gab.com has only 310,000 registered users and is a popular dumping ground for all things banned from Twitter. (Yes, this includes infowars.)

The creators created the site due to solely due to political beliefs. That belief that there was liberal control over all social media. It’s largely considered a failure in tech circles due to this very policy. Gab has been banned from all major app stores as well as twitter. While much of the right wing media focused on the pittsburg shooter’s anti-Trump remarks on the site, it appears that Trump may have been too left for this wingnut. The synagogue shooter often said the Jews were behind the caravan. The hot topic that Fox News was prepared to feed its viewers up until election day.

The problem with Gab.com’s mission is if social media really was out to get conservatives, then the MAGA Bomber’s Cesar Sayoc’s twitter account would have been banned for making threats against Democrats weeks ago. It wasn’t.

Shortly after the attack on Saturday, it was discovered that the Pittsburgh shooter was active on the social network and the site appeared to be cooperating with the investigation. Yet, that proved to be too much for the site’s hosting company which is kicking them off the internet for good next week.

Can’t Handle the Truth?

The site’s senior leadership are in a frenzy. Complaining to anyone who would listen and hoping for a savior. That would-be savior might be Donald Trump. Scrambling like ants. Accounts leaving Gab en masse. It’s founders are calling on the President to step in. (bailout?) If there was ever any doubt as to what their faux policy was, now they’ve been exposed. If you look at what’s happening to Gab, which at this point is essentially an alt-right social newtork. It’s exactly what’s going to happen to the Trump administration. Rats fleeing…

John J. Falco