January 20, 2021
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The Fox deal with Disney feels like a funeral for 21st Century Fox, the once great conservative media giant. Disney is paying $$66.1 billion for Fox. These include things like: FX and National Geographic cable networks, Fox’s regional sports networks, Sky (whenever that deal is completed), it’s coveted TV and Film studios as well as the right to all of it’s classic movies.

The deal automatically beefs up Disney’s streaming service which was already going to be a HUGE challenger to Netflix. Adding tabs for FX and NatGeo and perhaps bundling more sports under ESPN streaming service. It automatically create more room for projects under its massive franchise banner. Namely Marvel which welcomed home it’s X-Men and Fantastic Four characters finally all under one roof.

What’s interesting about the deal is that almost everyone seems to agree that it’s a good idea.  Mergers are often met with various amounts of disgruntled criticisms from the public at large, but I think it’s safe to say, that having some of these properties being separate from others may not have been in everyone’s best interests when these extended universes started cropping up.

The Media Kingpin himself, Rupert Murdoch remains in control of his TV broadcasting networks (namely Fox News), and he still believes in must-see live event Television. Though he did admit that the watch anything on-demand binge-watching market that Netflix gave birth to was a large factor in his decision to sell. Fox has not been doing well across the board. Besides for its premium cable channel FX, Fox’s properties are dismal. I haven’t watched a show on Fox in years, and their movies are usually hit or miss. The X-Men? They are so confusing Transformers is better! So Murdoch will remain at Fox News and will focus most of his time now on building out that powerful brand. It will be interesting to see what Murdoch does with the channel that is directly related to our current political discourse now that he can focus all his attention on it!  Turns out maybe Fox News was not worth the trouble for Disney.

John J. Falco