July 20, 2019
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The last thing Fox News Tweeted was- BREAKING: Federal appeals court rules against Trump administration on DACA. That post was on Nov 8 at 2:18 PM. Which lets face it, is not the best article to go out with a bang with.

Fox News has made no official word on the matter, but rumors swirled when Manager of Content Strategy at Tribune Media Scott Gustin explained that the silence is due to the treatment of the Tucker Carlson protesters by the social network. Which seemingly allowed people to post his address with no problem. Now, on the surface that sounds exactly like what the far right pro-trump network would do. Except. It’s not!

For one thing, Twitter has suspended the antifa group account which posted Carlson’s address by the time CBS wrote it’s report. Fox News usually likes to create controversy by being the loudest in the room. At this stage, almost nobody has noticed the protest.

None of the talking heads have mentioned the twitter boycott. When things like atheism, spring break, coffee makers, and certain TV shows or pop culture references are routinely “boycotted” loud and clear. I have a hard time believing that this is a silent boycott. If so, the network is certainly taking an ineffective approach that goes against all usual tradition. So, it seems kinda pointless to boycott things when the thing you want to happen because of the boycott has already happened.

So, what else could be going on? It could be that certain people at the network are facing indictments from Mueller. *Cough* Hannity *Cough* The mysterious shut down also coincides with Rubert Murdochs visit to Mitch McConnell’s office. Murdoch was seen going into the office two hours before the shut down. The Tucker Carlson protests happened Wednesday, the day before.

I’m hearing rumors that the company has issued an internal memo that strongly discourages some staff from tweeting from their official or personal accounts. Perhaps the GOP are taking the first steps to let Trump hang himself.

So what do you think? Do you think this is a new silent protest that the company is trying for the first time? Or is it to distance themselves from legal trouble to come?

John J. Falco