December 3, 2020
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The fan campaigns for the TV shows that are still in limbo have swelled.

Amazon is in early talks to pick up The Expanse, which is reported to be one of Jeff Bezos’ favorite shows. Bezos has been on a quest to find the next Game of Thrones in order to fund his Amazon Studios lofty TV vision of taking down Netflix. The Expanse itself has been billed by critics as Game of Thrones in Space, and the fans are not letting it go quietly into the night. Fans have fund-raised two flights featuring the Roci, the renegade ship from the main storyline. One of those flights took place over Amazon Studios itself. So the intricate targeted fan campaign appears to be working.

Meanwhile massive Timeless fans are still fighting to get their show renewed for a third season. NBC famously reversed their decision to cancel timeless last year and they gave it a second season. But even celebs are not happy about waiting. Super fangirl Kelly Clarkson and comedian Leslie Jones are fighting hard for the show, which to make matters worse for fans, ended with a death of a fan favorite in a cliffhanger. It would not be cool for NBC to cancel Timeless like that. The Timeless writers teased deleted scenes if their twitter post got a certain number of retweets, and within the hour, fans completed the task. Fans have been streaming and tweeting about Timeless like crazy since last week, hoping it’s enough for NBC to renew it.

Netflix is also in talks to save Designated Survivor. Lucifer is also looking for a new home, though Fox did just give it two more bonus episodes, so who knows what that could mean for it’s future? It is interesting that just a few years ago when a show was cancelled it was cancelled, there was no hope for renewal even when it ended on a cliffhanger. These fan campaigns prove that attitude is changing and especially in the age of the franchise.

John J. Falco