October 31, 2020
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And Marvel Reigns Triumphant until 2050! I kid. I kid. But maybe not.

Forbes recently did a really interesting analysis on the state of the DCEU film properties and how Batman has to save it all.

Do we really have a lot of hope for another Zack Snyder DC property? In Justice League we trust, really?
Aquaman is already having a lot of development issues but seems to be a solid story to get through.
Will the Warner Brothers’ executives let Wonder Women strut her stuff untouched? or will the first female super hero movie in modern times get sidetracked by politics? Prophecy: I don’t think Gal Gadot measures up well against Robert Downey Jr.

So Let’s say that Justice League pulls in similar bucks as B VS S but it doesn’t beat it in the box office, because fanboys view it as an Avengers rip-off. We already saw some of this in the Suicide Squad VS Guardians of the Galaxy fights. So is Wonder Woman or Aquaman going to save the DCEU?? Not likely.

That leaves us with A) the highly confusing choice WB made in creating a Flash movie without linking it to the more successful TV Series, this idea will NOT be DC’s saving grace. It won’t. or B) Ben Affleck’s solo Batman gamble.

Ben Affleck is a really solid actor with the director chops to match, however, DC is forgetting about a batman trilogy starring Christian Bale. It just ended in 2012 and that is still fresh in many people’s minds, and they are already making a Batman: Lego Movie which will cause even more confusion among people. The question here is do people want more batman? Why is this one different than the Christian Bale one?

If Batman is successful, then it could become a trilogy and the DCEU will become profitable enough to create more films and spin-offs. If not, DC and WB will have to come to the inevitable conclusion, that they don’t need the DCEU.

John J. Falco