May 23, 2019
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You’ve heard it before, on your favorite cop shows, you’ve heard it being explained by various movie stars. The FBI doesn’t comment on ongoing investigations.

It’s the FBI’s second most sacred tenant after, the always controversial, “we don’t make deals with terrorists.” So then, what the hell is Comey doing? If he isn’t doing this for political purposes then he is being the biggest dick in the world!

To most people who have dealt with internet trolls, which is how I’ve come to describe Donald Trump’s behavior on Twitter, you know that you do not engage with them. You also know that you can’t be bothered by the fact that they almost always will get the last word, because they can’t let things go.

Yet, unlike Rachael Maddow who utterly failed in her attempt to get the last word on Trump. Comey seems to be winning, bigly! In these unprecedented times, perhaps it can be said that Comey really is the last great statesmen in the public spotlight. I doubt that, why? Comey mentioned one date that was highly suspect in the rare open congressional intelligence committee hearing where he openly testified before Congress. He mentioned the year 2020!

I would like to believe that Comey cares enough about the political process and democracy to be concerned with how any future Presidential candidate has to deal with the Russians, but three¬†months ago, the liberals were calling for his resignation because many felt he helped Clinton lose the election, and now the right is equally pissed off! Perhaps Comey was hinting at challenging the sitting President. Directly or indirectly, isn’t this no different than Trump begging the Russians to hack Hillary’s Emails?

The difference here is Comey seems to be perfectly content fueling this fire for his own political ambitions. In a slogan? “Come at me bro!”



John J. Falco



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