October 31, 2020
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There wasn’t a single peep of criticism from the millions of Walking Dead fans since Sunday Night’s Eugene focused episode aired. All the fans are instead focusing on what he’s up to.

Ever since the Morgan-centric episodes appeared in Season six, the Walking Dead has burdened itself with more character focused episodes in a new type of format so that they can showcase characters that don’t get very much screen time in the overall plot of the show. Over the interwebs, it hasn’t gone well.

However, that all changed Sunday night with Eugene. The man, has been held captive by The Saviors, ever since he figured out how to make bullets and on Sunday we got to see what happened and what type of, “torture,” he had to endure under their rule.

It turns out, that Eugene is pretty much living the life, and with his, “smarts,” which have yet to be confirmed in any type of way, he has essentially weaseled his way into the Sanctuary and claimed the title, “King of the Nerds,” otherwise known as Chief Engineer.

Because while fans would love to believe that they would be as gung-ho as Daryl, or that they will take up a leadership position like Rick, most of the fanbase, will probably be a lot like Eugene. To the fanbase a night of playing video games, surrounded by hot chicks, lighting off fireworks, and proclaiming to everyone how smart you are would basically be heaven. Eugene even tries to stay out of “family,” drama by refusing to help Negan’s “wives” plan an assassination attempt after they get him to make pills.

But as the internet whisperers, “We are Eugene,” behind Negan’s back, the coward may be cooking up something even more sinister than pills. Eugene has the ripe opportunity now that he has successfully implemented himself into Negan’s inner sanctum, to help Rick overthrow the Sanctuary or as some theories suggest take it all for himself! Is Eugene trolling Negan in the most ultimate way imaginable? Or is he really falling under Negan’s ¬†poorly made spell?

In a stellar multi-layered performance that is deep seeded in mythology, Josh McDermitt delivered a powerful fan swooning performance, and that smirk alone was worthy of an emmy.


John J. Falco