January 20, 2021
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Another Emmys, same old controversy.

It was a long shot, but my second favorite show of all time, HBOs The Leftovers, was snubbed by the Emmys. Seconded only by the amazing American Gods, which was also snubbed (except for visuals). The final season of The Leftovers aired this summer. As our family of Leftovers headed down under to prevent the upcoming biblical end-of-days, many fans wondered out loud if this would be the year where one of the most heart-wrenching riveting dramas of all time will receive its much deserved recognition that it justly deserves. I guess in the eyes of this particular awards’ show, it didn’t quite make the cut. So I don’t know what they were thinking. NOTE: Leftovers’ stars Ann Dowd and Carrie Coon both were nominated but for working on different shows (The Handmaid’s Tale and Fargo).

AMC’s Better Call Saul has risen to third place on my list of favorite shows of all time. Even surpassing parent Breaking Bad!!! Most of that is due to Michael McKean who wonderfully portrayed Jimmy McGill’s insane electricity-sensitive brother Chuck. Don’t believe me? Read This, Then! With Chuck’s fate by the end of this summer’s season hanging in the balance, it might have been the last time McKean could win for this particular performance. The problem I have with the Emmy’s decision in this case, isn’t their pick for Bob Odenkirk, it’s because in McKean’s place, they picked Jonathan Banks instead. Banks seems to have had a smaller role in the show this season and was definitely overshadowed by McKean’s performance as the maniacal, manipulative Chuck.

In the actual battle for the real Emmys, HBOs Westworld leads Netflix’s Stranger Things 22 to 18. The Crown, Master of None, and House of Cards are also in the running.

FX is looking strong this year also with 16 Emmy noms for the third and perhaps final season of Fargo. Feud and Atlanta also received nods It’s only real competition in the limited series realm is HBOs The Night Of, which honestly shouldn’t even be in the running.

NBC has got a couple of Emmy nods with SNL and everyone’s favorite network drama This is us.

The top four channels for Emmys this year are as follows:

  • HBO: 111
  • Netflix: 91
  • NBC: 64
  • FX Networks: 55

I’m also happy that Nat Geo’s Genius has been nominated as well.

John J. Falco