January 20, 2021
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As one network goes back to the 90s another throws on a live extravaganza meant to shake up the animal kingdom, but for most it was all hype and no substance.

CNN is already cheering it’s nostalgia lined decade documentaries on bygone eras as one of the most highest ranking franchises the network has put out to date. According to a CNN press release, The Nineties, “The One About TV,” and the first episode of The Nineties documentary, premiered to 500K viewers. It’s the fifth highest original series CNN has ever produced, showing that 90s nostalgia is growing strong. Perhaps, aided by a slew of 90s TV shows that have been recently added by the Netflix Gods to their library. While the nineties summed up 90s TV quite well, it wasn’t very meaty.

National Geographic on the other hand, dubbed Earth Live as the “Superbowl of that natural world,” in an unprecedented move of technical logistics Earth Live featured live feeds of animals in six continents, 16 countries, 28 locations, and 52 cameras in total.

Though ratings aren’t out yet and the low-light moon cameras were cool. It’s safe to say that Nat Geo’s most expensive venture yet, didn’t quite make as much of a splash as they had hoped. Earth Live is something for the animal lovers who didn’t grow up studying animals. Or maybe just people who have never been to a zoo before? Jane Lynch’s gasps and Phil Keoghan’s uselessness didn’t add to the magic of dumbed down segments on hyenas, elephants, and bats for the masses. But I guess if you’ve never seen a nature documentary in your life, it would have been something. Definitely something for the kiddies to check out, anyway.

It was a way to spruce up the old stuffy nature documentaries, but I’m not sure it went over too well. Though during broadcast both shows were trending on twitter! That’s gotta count for something.

John J. Falco