May 23, 2019
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The show about Heaven makes one think, should we be thinking this much about HOW Heaven actually works???

The bold premise for the show, about a place that is never named but we all know what it is they are actually talking about even though they refuse to say it’s name for some weird reason attracted 8.1 Million eyeballs, Monday night. Now how much The Voice, which aired before that helped it reach to that level. Well, the verdict is out, however I would wager money that this many people may be interested in a comedy about going to Heaven. The question is whether or not Audiences will stick around.

Now, while certain Supernatural shows have indeed visited the good place before, we have never quite had a TV series as ambitious as this. I myself, have had this idea in the back of my mind to do a fictional drama series of sci-fi books about how a technologically advanced heaven could work. However, the cutesy way we are introduced to this world reminds more of TNT’s The Librarians rather than any actual serious points they could make about the very serious nature of the afterlife.

For instance, if you actually start to think about the show’s entire plot, which seems to be Heaven makes a mistake (Yeah just bear with me it gets better), and swaps two people’s places that have identical names. One selfish brat country girl, and another, selfless human being who we never see. Then upon arriving in Heaven, she meets “her” soulmate and tries to trick him into getting her to stay. Now, apparently this soul mate guy who is supposed to be a professor who teaches ethics isn’t apparently too ethical. Because he agrees to lie, in Heaven, for her for some reason… I don’t know how this should be possible, but it is.

Now despite the fact that it is honestly a show with no plot which could have a very predicable ending. I could definitely see Kristen Bell’s Peppy character launching a full scale onslaught against Heaven in the name of equality in this year’s season finale,  it gave me a few laughs so I will give it a go, for now. But I can only take so much stupid from comedy.

John J. Falco