July 20, 2019
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“I wish him luck,” Trump said. “It’s going to be a beauty.”

For some reason Donald Trump was asked about Jeff Bezos’ divorce  during a Q&A with reporters on today and for some reason Trump knows it’s going to be dirty. On the surface that sounds strange. You don’t wish people luck during a divorce. But if you think of the Bezos thing not as a divorce, but as a situation, a scandal. Well then that changes the script. As Amazon grapples with what to do about the “scandal,” could Trump have known and approved of this attack? Is he attacking the richest man in the world as well as the most valuable company in the world, because he can’t divorce his own wife? Trump has been wanting to screw with Bezos as far back as April.

The Last Resort?

For the past four months there was secret operation at the National Enquirer to destroy Bezos. According to the tabloid it is apparently the largest operation in the history of its existence! For years, NE was the arm of Trump’s bully pulpit in NYC. He used the tabloid to muzzle his way out of Queens underbelly to sit atop the world stage. Mr. Trump used The Enquirer to trash his ex-wives and anybody who crossed him in the business world. He also used it to prop up himself and to give himself free publicity.

It’s worth noting that in December, prosecutors agreed not to charge National Enquirer parent company American Media Inc CEO, David Pecker, and his top deputy Dylan Howard for their cooperation in the Mueller probe. While the Enquirer has seemingly stopped promoting Trump,  that doesn’t mean they can’t go after Trump’s enemies. Howard is on the bylines of the Bezos story. So it’s safe to say he’s in charge of the operation. Though, the Enquirer denies that they are doing this at Trump’s bidding, yet the deniability is plain as day.

The Fight of the Century?

The Enquirer says that Howard is looking to regain credibility. It’s worth asking in who’s eyes do they need to regain credibility? The public at large do not think the Enquirer is a credible media outlet. Yet, Donald Trump does!

What will Bezos (who can buy The Enquirer 60 times over in the next hour) do if he thinks Trump is anywhere near this? Has AMI bit off way more than they can chew? Stay tuned for the “scandal” of the century!

John J. Falco