July 8, 2020
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There are a few reasons why the billionaire may want to snap up the social network no one seems to want. The one he seems to love so much.

Twitter’s market value, much like Trump’s campaign is in a downward spiral. As reports keep coming out about how major technology companies don’t want to buy twitter and all of it’s debt, Trump has the opportunity of a lifetime after the November Elections.

If rumors are true that within the past few months Trump has stopped running a campaign, and is instead using this last leg of the election to launch his own media empire, a right wing social network is something conservatives have dreamed of ever since Myspace.

It would be the best tool going forward for Trump to launch his supposed Trump News Network everyone keeps talking about, and it will place him in a prime position to compete with Fox News and the rest of the media elite he and his supporters rallies against. It would balance the scales so to speak in the minds of conservative voters that these social media companies are out to get them, and Trump can purge/post on twitter all he wants once he owns the thing!

Trump could also monetize twitter in ways that the creators never could. For instance he could charge his conservative army for exclusive premium content, and/or make liberals pay to use the site. If Trump’s money is all locked up he could always go to the contacts that he has made on this journey, and his rich friends to raise enough private money to own the majority shares in the company.

If Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google can’t see the value in twitter. It may take someone like Donald Trump to turn it around. I’m not saying that Trump will do this or if he is even legally able to change twitter this much, but it is an interesting opportunity for the Donald. I hardly ever get to combine political stories with technology stories, but this one if Trump had the smarts, could work out.


John J. Falco