July 20, 2019
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In a meeting that seems ripped out directly from the pages of a fantasy novel itself. The Mad-King Trump was spotted carrying a meme of himself to his cabinent meeting, and rolling it out for all the world to see. He must be pretty proud of himself, but the question remains. What does that mean for his morals and the world situations he may want to uphold?

First tweeted by Trump in November, the meme originated from the dark corners of Reddit. HBO and the creator of Game of Thrones GRRM, was none too happy with Trump’s use of the meme. Yet, there are some interesting and very disturbing things being pointed out by fans online.

It is unclear why Trump is carrying around this poster so while we can say that Trump is doing this because he’s a child who needs to be coddled that theory doesn’t satisfy most people. So let’s explore them:

The poster has the date November 4 underneath it’s well-known “Sanctions are Coming,” headline. Interestingly enough, Trump mentioned granting himself more power taunting, “wouldn’t that be scary?” could this poster be hinting that Trump is thinking about doing something about the elections in 2020? There’s already been talk about GOP not running an official candidate against him.

Does Trump identify with the White Walkers? Soulless undead creatures that have no purpose other than bringing great death to all those who come across them? The actions of the Trump administration certainly seem to be pointing in that direction.

Does Trump believe that The Wall is an ideal situation in Game of Thrones? And that he should model his off of that one? The one which ultimately failed?  Furthermore, does Trump like the world of Game of Thrones? Would he like to live in that type of setting, or does because he likely has never sat through an entire episode of the series, does he just believe Game of Thrones is about him?

Whatever the theories going about, you have to wonder about a leader with a non-existent taste in pop culture, who uses memes in this fashion, and who looks to that world as something to aspire to in any fashion whatsoever.


John J. Falco