June 26, 2019
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As The X-Files wraps up what is likely it’s final season, episode two of Season 11 seems to suggest that Mulder is living in a virtual reality simulation.

On the surface ‘This,’ seems like a poorly made 1990s cheeseball of low budget special effects that wasn’t up to par. Is it really due to low budget, or are they hinting at something more here?

The episode centers on a classic Black Mirror-esque government brain uploading program conducted by the NSA to preserve the greatest minds in society after they die. Their old friend Langley from The Lone Gunmen turns up to expose the project saying that living in Virtual heaven is akin to torture. On top of that, evil men, the highest bidders are using their minds for shady purposes. So the system must be destroyed.

While watching the episode I seem to recall whole scenes where there wasn’t even a background, but was that intentional??? Perhaps it was. Recall, the episode seemed to have the effects that Langley was talking about. How life would be like inside the Virtual Reality. backgrounds and people not exactly rendered. It’s almost describing the entire TV show as a whole. Tracking down conspiracy theories and them turning out to be true would be Heaven for some of the population and The X-Files itself is a big part of that emotional connection to uncover the truth. Is this really a one-off episode or should we take away more from this episode. About how we are all living in a simulation, as goes the theories?

John J. Falco