July 8, 2020
  • 11:53 am TV Titles Predict Iowa Chaos
  • 10:08 pm The Artifact May Be Part of Star Trek’s Off-Screen Future
  • 11:46 am Breaking Apart That Anti-Good Omens Campaign
  • 10:38 pm Chernobyl’s Hot Zone: A Sleepy Summer Finds Drama in a New Genre
  • 11:10 am HBO Reminds Fans That It Has Other Stuff Besides GOT

The only clue we have from Showtime’s new late night comedy show, is that according to them anyway it will be HUGE! As one of Trump’s signature catchphrases, it’s pretty clear that this show will be something about Trump or politics in nature, as all good late night shows are.

If this show is going to be a traditional late night comedy show then Showtime certainly has it’s picks of ex-late night hosts looking for work. Namely, Jay Leno and Jon Stewart are both missed on the late night circuit. It can’t be Jerry Seinfeld and/or many of the other traditional comedians due to their deals with streaming giant Netflix. Showtime could be stepping into satire again. As they did with Our Cartoon President. Maybe an offshoot of Alec Balwdin’s Trump character from SNL? For that rumor to be true however, Showtime would have had to shell out millions for Baldwin. Since he seems to have a love-hate relationship with his Trump character.

The very last and shocking thing it could be, is that Sean Spicer TV Show. That also works well for the HUGE tagline in the erm, teaser. Since Spicer famously said of Trump’s crowd sizes were the biggest ever. The problem here is that Spicer never let on that he was making a comedy show. Although his targeting of Kathy Griffin is now suspect. If the Sean Spicer Show is political comedy then it matches well with Showtime’s other political content as well as the rest of the language in the teaser, which mocks NDAs, and lawyers. Something team Trump is all about.

The last keyword in the teaser is that the show is the most dangerous show in the history of television. Whatever that means… I never thought of Spicer as dangerous… Other things that work against my theory is the fact that it was reported last week that no network is attached yet, so it’s a pretty quick turn around from having nothing to a whole show and teaser in less than a week. Whatever it is we shall see on July 15.

John J. Falco