June 21, 2021
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Stormy Daniels claimed that someone on behalf of Donald Trump threatened her in front of her child in the 60 minutes interview that was seen by 21.26 million people. It also looks like Trump broke campaign finance laws by paying her off, but that’s all the new material the interview really revealed. If you’ve been following the case ever since it broke, there was nothing much there that was new.

Donald Trump’s poll numbers are higher in wake of the interview, where he claimed it was fake news, and his press team continues to deny the so-called allegations. In this age of Post-Peak TV, where on one show you had a man running for office push a young journalist onto the train tracks in order to cover-up her story, and on other shows you have American families committing white collar crimes just to survive in times of crises Americans just weren’t shocked enough by the Stormy Story. That and the fact that she is a pornstar, limits her credibility in many Americans’ minds.

They stuck around for the eye candy, to see if she dangled anything new in front of their eyes, but like all things Trump there was all tease, little substance. The interview went well and Anderson Cooper was in his element, but there was no big reveal. There was no evidence from a DVD, no blue dress, no DNA, and none of the OMG-it-went-there stuff that I said it had to do. Daniels also stayed away from the graphic details of the sexual encounter and made clear that she wasn’t a metoo victim.

Americans are all too used to scandals and politicized sexual content, and maybe, it’s part of the disconnect between cable TV and broadcast TV. But even on the cheesiest of cop shows a shadowy threat like that to a person like Stormy Daniels is all too commonplace. Yet, as the interview plays on a loop around the cable channels like Anderson’s home- CNN. TV analysts are taking note, the interview got more viewers than the entire Apprentice series, and delivered 60 minutes ratings high in a decade. Only bested by President Obama’s appearance. Who knows what the public could think about it all next week.

John J. Falco