May 28, 2020
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A recent episode of Madam Secretary has odd similarities to a growing real-life scandal. Sometimes, the real world’s timeline aligns with TV shows about politics and these coincidences are really neat to analyze. Once you understand TV scheduling and how improbable it is for a TV show to predict or even focus on a real-life event at the same exact time that real life scandal is happening, things become scary. Yet, in this day and age with over 400 scripted TV shows and few that deals exclusively with politics and political scandals, sometimes it’s unavoidable.

Take the plot summary for last week’s Madam Secretary (Season 4 Episode 3- The Essentials)

Elizabeth tries to find funding for an electrical grid in a Syrian refugee camp during an impending government shutdown.

The fictional Secretary of State’s solution to the problem in the refugee camp was to award a secret contract to a new solar company. As the Whitefish Scandal blows up, one has to wonder what would have happened or will happen if someone on the Madam Secretary TV show, exposes the deal they made with Lebanon and Israel in order to get power to refugee camp.

Did a similar meeting happen in the Trump White House with Whitefish Energy?

If the media on Madam Secretary got wind of what the U.S. government did in order to secure such a deal and it’s involvement with the CIA, it would be even larger than the current real-life Whitefish scandal. Sure, Whitefish is not a solar company, but it has about the same track record in dealing with power restoration as did the company on Madam Secretary. They wanted a contract to prove that their technology works.

It is unclear if Whitefish also wanted to prove that their methods work, or if it was just more Washington cronyism. The local Montana company had two employees before it was generously awarded the largest government contract in order to expedite restoration of Puerto Rico’s power grid! It’s odd isn’t it, that Whitefish just so happens to be the hometown of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

Of course, if Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord is exposed in the Madam Secretary TV show, they would deny all knowledge of the power deal between Lebanon and Israel in order to help power the Syrian Refugee camp. As the Trump White House deals with the scandal, they too are in denial, that this look suspicious. Not to mention very similar to the Madam Secretary plot last week!

While not a direct prediction, the fact that Madam Secretary managed to have a storyline about a deal to bring power to people in desperate need at the exact same time a shady deal to do just that in real life has been exposed to have corruption at the highest level is nothing short of perfect accidental timing. Even if this storyline is overshadowed by the departure of core cast member Bebe Neuwirth.

John J. Falco