June 26, 2019
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Pop Culture has influenced the Democratic Party’s new, hashtagable slogan For the People. Stephen Colbert’s Our Cartoon President, mocked the Democrats slogan picking process almost too perfectly. In the second part of the first season, which is known for mocking the President. Colbert struck a middle ground and went after Democrats. For a good chunk of the episode it featured Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer getting help from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on how to win the election(s). He tells them you need the right line of attack and a slogan. NOTE: This show should be required viewing for members of Congress.

Together after much brainstorming they come up with the following: “Let’s Achieve Access to Jobs and Healthcare and Affordable Rail Service for Disenfranchised Minorities While Protecting Our Environment and Combating Climate Change with the Wealthy Paying Their Fair Share, Plus a Humane Policy Toward Immigrants, 2018 Opportunity to Receive Healthcare and Affordable Rail Service, No More Food Deserts While Not Demonizing Wall Street.”

That didn’t go over so well on the campaign trail, as it barely fit on a blue hat, so they came up with the second slogan of “We’re Sorry.”

While Colbert and his team didn’t exactly predict the outcome of the democrats slogan picking ceremony, other TV shows have used the slogan before. In fact, it IS itself a TV Show. For the People is an ABC political drama that comes from the mind of Shonda Rhimes. Who just announced her ambitions Netflix plans. Sounds like she’s already taken over the Democratic Party, too!

For the People was also the campaign slogan of Epifanio Vargas on USA’s Queen of the South. Epifanio was a drug cartel kingpin running for the Governor of Sinoloa Mexico.

John J. Falco