June 26, 2019
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The DC Universe trailer for Titans is the darkest thing in the DCEU yet. The DC Universe appears to be willing to screw over their most famous character in order to try something new, and it’s about damn time. The rich and often graphic world of DC has seen a tremendous amount of criticism over the past couple of years. While Marvel movies rake in the cash, their shinning example of success being Wonder Woman which received worldwide critical acclaim.

The Titans trailer premiered as one of the darkest projects that the DCEU has ever put out. With the big TV-MA rating hanging over the trailer for a full 2-5 seconds, they weren’t kidding. The trailer showed bone-crushing dark alleyway fight scenes that made Daredevil look like a fun rom com. The $7.99 digital streaming service from DC, seems to be putting out quite a show for their content. The trailer looks like absolute quality from the new service. And that’s saying something for a universe that has received criticism for everything from relying too much on CGI to being too dark and gritty.

Why Does Robin Say It?

Robin has come a long way. This Robin looks like he belongs in the Nolan Batman Universe. The Robin that fans kept hoping would pop up in those movies.

Yet, Titans pushes the envelope in more ways than one. It’s unclear what the rivalry between Batman and Robin will be in this adaptation of Titans. The franchise has not been adapted by mainstream media yet, and from the looks of the trailer, the streaming service spared no expense. The service will also house all other DC properties and movies along with digital comics, library content, and it will also have some type of social media platform.

The Titans trailer also showed us the quite literal internal demons of Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire as well. Titans offers a different take on the beloved characters of Teen Titans Go! DC is making it clear that this is for new and old fans alike, and NOT for kids!

I like the fact that Robin says “F*ck, Batman” in the trailer. It seems that DC wants to move away from their more famous characters and attempt to follow Marvel in the direction of showing off other characters that may not be as well known to the public.

It’s about time the franchise moved on from their more popular characters.

John J. Falco