August 14, 2020
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While Marvel’s Infinity War now holds the highest opening weekend record of all time.  The DC Universe is expanding their highly successful TV world into the streaming space.

DC already has multiple different TV shows lined up for the service:

  • Swamp Thing
  • Titans
  • Metropolis
  • Animated Young Justice: Outsiders
  • Animated Harley Quinn

The announcement details were scarce on price and/or launch date, but the website is already active. The content not yet available. The announcement also noted that it was the first type of digital immersion experience created specifically for DC fans. This might mean that DC is going the route JK Rowling took with the Harry Potter Universe. 

Pottermore dubs itself as the digital home of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. It’s littered with games, and notes about where the characters go after the books as well as other tidbits that were not included in the original series. It’s also a social network, so it would be interesting to see if DC is going that way.

In order to one up Marvel. DC could make this immersive experience that much more lucrative rather than just just pumping out movies after movies like Marvel does. DC will have a lot more data available about what their customers are looking for, and they will be able to use that to their advantage in the long run both for their original content TV, Movies, as well as the future of their comic books.

If successful, this actually would leave Marvel way behind the times. DC already has a successful TV universe and there is already excitement about this lineup of TV shows. Jessica Jones Season 2 had mixed reviews, and the other characters may not be able to hold up the hype of their first seasons (besides for Iron Fist). Can Marvel maintain it’s blockbuster status after the successful Infinity War? Or will DC soon become king of content?

There does not appear to be any attempt to change the direction of the Arrowverse. It will remain on The CW.

John J. Falco