June 21, 2021
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Now that The Circus is coming back for Season 3, a scenario about an always on 24/7 Circus utilizing fast food and Facebook Live is something that fans would love to see and, it got me thinking. Showtime’s The Circus has a second part that you can notice the cameras love, and that’s the food that the hosts eat, especially if they sit down with a big political name. Hopefully, the political honchos pay the meals for these guys, but I am not totally sure how that works.

So since the cameras, seem to love the food that they eat, at fancy American restaurants, perhaps Anthony Bourdain would too. Bourdain is known for travelling around the world and eating, but despite his eating, what fills the bulk of Parts Unknown is the political discussion around the world. You see what I’m getting at now? These two are a perfect match in crossover land. It could pave the way for a docu-series multiverse the likes of which we’ve never seen before!

Parts Unknown Returns for Season 11, April 29 on CNN

Bourdain famously sat down with President Obama to eat a meal, and he’s eaten with penguins. The tricky thing about putting these two shows together besides for the food is the main point, why should they?

Bourdain, while a political informer of sorts, is not exactly a political honcho that would give The Circus some insight into the inner workings of the Trump White House, especially these days and The Circus may not want to  be in Bourdain’s shadow. Unless of course if he cooks a meal for the hosts, but on each show, there are no room for plugs. Even if The Circus features some pretty good food.

John J. Falco