November 13, 2019
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Many people have begun to notice that twitter accounts have been including red xs in their twitter handles to show support for President Trump. It came about to apparently show that they have been “shadow-banned,” by Twitter, blocked or apparently called out for being conservatives.

It’s also clear that none of these people understand what shadow-banning is, and that it doesn’t exist on the platform. It fills the false narrative of many different conspiracy theories. The feeling that these people have which makes them think they are important enough to be filtered out by some mysterious algorithm and be unfairly targeted. Trust me, twitter doesn’t have the time or the means to care about them in that way.

What is interesting was that way before social media, The X-Files, popularized the X symbol. Let alone that it was the beginning of each x-file ID. It was also used by Fox Mulder to signal his contacts by putting a tapped X on his window. Eventually they would contact him to tell him government secrets about the aliens and monsters he was chasing. The purpose of  the X led to much speculation among X-Files fans at the time. To this day still remains one of the most intriguing parts of mythology in the show. It was in fact inspired by Bob Woodward’s claim of how he would contact Deep Throat, using a flowerpot with a red flag on it.

The X-Files Mythology Has Taken Over Modern Day Politics.

The Trump supporters are literally doing the 21st century version of this, or at least they think they are. From the bring-down-the-man-mentality that allows them to question everything that the FBI is doing, to their QAnon/Deep State conspiracy theory which made headline news today in Tampa Florida, at a Trump rally. Their hard-lined beliefs in the conspiracy theory lore is straight out of the X-Files. In a sense, Fox Mulder was the first of their kind. His viewpoints and theirs are now becoming mainstream each and every day.

They fail to see the irony of that x-symbol. While close to the cross on the confederate flag, it was inspired by Woodward. Woodward, who is a journalist, about to release a new book about the Trump Administration. A journalist who they hate. It should also be noted that this exact scenario was also satired on The Onion last year. Even without aliens and monsters, current political discourse proves, just how instrumental The X-Files has been in shaping our culture today.


John J. Falco