November 13, 2019
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  • 9:22 pm CNN’s Hiring of Sarah Isgur is a Travesty

On Sunday night, we saw the finale of Succession, which ended in a gruesome Chappaquiddick way. As a new HBO corporate drama that managed to at times, outdo Showtime’s Billions. With it’s well-rounded cast of characters and black comedy, it pulls on the heartstrings of Breaking Bad and The Newsroom. Succession will suck you into the dirty doings of the Roy Family, if you aren’t careful.

The siblings don’t seem to know they rule the world and spend more time getting into silly family feuds with each other. Succession is often described as both a comedy and a drama, as if the creators don’t even know. I have no doubt the show will dominate future Emmys in the comedy section, knocking out front runner Veep.

Kendall Falls From the Top:

The season finale finds the family at (sister) Shiv’s wedding. Yet, all Kendall seems to have on his mind is taking down his father and drugs. This brings us to the end of Kendall’s fruitless efforts to take control of the family company Waystar Royco. As he hunts for drugs he ends up crashing a car into a nearby lake, killing the passenger. His family helps him cover it up, but they are likely sending him away to rehab.

With Kendall’s role seemingly suppressed and his power limited, and Roman’s failed satellite launch. That paves ways for other characters to rise up and take their place. Many fans noticed that nervous and awkward Greg is planting his own comeback, but that might take longer than what eldest brother Connor Roy has in mind. What about Connor’s ambitious plans to run for President?

Connor Roy 2020:

All throughout the wedding Connor was testing out campaign slogans, and consulting with political people. He destroyed Gil (the Bernie Sanders type candidate) in a unpolished argument. Appears to be well-read, libertarian, independent, and highly logical (to a fault). He lives away from his family in the desert of New Mexico, at the family ranch. So he escapes the dirty dealings of the media. He enjoys disaster prepping, the wilderness, and cryogenics. He runs a podcast and convinced his call girl to become his exclusive sugar baby. Connor Roy couldn’t BE a more perfect presidential candidate.

The only problem with Connor is that he doesn’t see things quite the same way as everybody else. Some fans and folks who work on the show have called it an illness, but what if it’s not? What if he’s a genius who’s never realized his full potential? If they are going to go with the Connor arc, in season 2. You can’t not explore that because the show often is inspired by real life. In fact the whole thing could be Connor just doing this for fun and then finding out that people really actually DO like his seemingly wacky ideas of stopping, “the spilling of the good seed.” Like a certain real President. Does Connor win the Presidency or not? Anything can happen on Succession!


John J. Falco