January 20, 2021
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In 2015 Conan was the first talk show host to visit Cuba after President Obama lifted the Embargo. In 2017, Conan will be the first talk show filmed in Mexico using Mexican resources. Just as President Trump begins a trade war with the country.

As immigration chaos seems to be sweeping through the country’s refugee program, The Talk Show Host one ups yet another President! Conan announced that he will be filming a show in Mexico, using a complete Mexican staff, and that it will air on TBS March 1st at 10 PM.

This new announcement pairs well with his other journeys across the globe and as Conan creates a new niche for himself among the aging crowded field of late night talk shows, it’s becoming clear that he’s pretty great at this sort of thing. The timing of this episode however, is a puzzling one to fans who have been carefully keeping watch on the future of all things Time Warner under the watchful eyes of AT&T.

Is this the first attempt at weaning Conan off of the late night crowd, and an infusion of the brand into the digital waters of YouTube? With his contract ending in 2018, there are some very serious talks under way as to what to do with this stuff that Conan does so well.

The journeys around the world, Clueless Gamer, his famous mascots like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and his “war against late night,” have helped Conan imprint himself into entertainment history. Executives are talking with Conan about what he likes best and what works and what doesn’t, because the standard late night talk show is going away in this new streaming and digital era. Conan frequently posts lower TV ratings but his specials are some of the higher hits on Youtube.

They keep coming back with doing less shows, and maybe moving towards a weekly show format like HBO’s John Oliver. Where Conan goes from here is a question that TBS and Time Warner Executives only know how to answer, but nothing drastic will change at Conan until 2018.

John J. Falco