July 8, 2020
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To compare the way two Billionaires have handled their connections to the Russians is like comparing lambs to wolves.

On one hand you have Facebook which has just revealed how much influence Russia has on the social network. The same social network that it doesn’t even allow into it’s country.

On the other hand you have Trump who to this day continues to lament that all stories about Russia and his connections to the country, are fake news. This despite the ties that all of Trump’s top aides have had to the country.

As of this writing, it is not proven that Donald J. Trump, or Mark Zuckerberg has direct ties to Russia.

The interesting thing to note however, is the way both brands have handled the matter. While some people may question why Facebook isn’t revealing more about what it knows, let’s focus on what it did reveal. Facebook has revealed how much money a Russian troll group spent on the company’s ad platform. Facebook gave this up willingly and the company is scheduled to be called for a Senate Panel meeting on that very topic so that Facebook can answer all Congress’ questions.

The Trump team on the other hand, hasn’t been nearly this cooperative and at one point even discussed firing Robert Mueller and they may have committed more crimes as the investigation unfolded such as the firing of ex-FBI Director James Comey.

Still it seems that both Zuckerberg’s and Trump’s problems with Fake Russian News, which was highlighted in Homeland’s Season 6, is just beginning and it goes far deeper than even they realize.

John J. Falco