May 23, 2019
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Preliminary reports suggest that Fired FBI Director James Comey’s testimony literally shook the world awake. People stopped working, and threw viewing parties across the nation. A zombie nation that has been going on auto-pilot since the election attempted to self-correct and watch Democracy in action for the first time in half a year; a mesmerized world watched on in great anticipation. Some in shock, some in awe, but today James Comey and in a sense democracy dominates the airwaves.

As the data analysts begin crunching the numbers on this No-nonsense, no-news, no-new-TV, Thursday. Measuring how many people had viewed, watched, listened to, and read about the Comey testimony seems like a daunting task, it’s the perfect summer storm for advertisers. But the fired FBI Director who has since made himself a household name, had an even greater task.

Every national broadcasting channel covered the spectacle, which is already getting comparisons to the Superbowl. For instance, I listened on NPR while I was in the car stuck in traffic. WNYC rattled off the number of NPR carried stations where you could tune in depending on where in the country you were. I’ve never heard them do that, for anymore than a few. They rattled off 10-15 radio stations both AM, FM, and HD!

And that’s only radio! As the world listened to a well-prepared FBI Director hold his own against some of the most respected politicians and political figures in the country, I couldn’t help go back to that little prediction I made last year. The more I hear Comey speak the more presidential he sounds. In the age of fake news, Game of Thrones infighting and quick tweets, Comey’s independent country over politics sense of duty wins over most in a nation searching for hope.

When Comey’s name blew up national headlines last year, I felt that the only way it made sense for him to re-open the investigation into Hillary Clinton and announce it to the world, was because he was seeking higher office even then. James Comey seems to have adapted two of the well known strategies of Clinton and Trump. He doesn’t care that he has alienated both Democrats and Republicans. By staying true to his sense of duty and his principles his name was dragged through the mud by both sides in little under a year. Now, as the country watches he has basically redeemed himself. Formidable to the end, shrewd, meticulous, and skillful at the political game despite not really being in it. He has all the characteristics of Bill Clinton and plays the long game just the same. Only better.

If he is gunning for Trump’s job, this certainly is the best way to go about doing it! Hillary Clinton did the same thing with the Benghazi testimony showing the nation that she can take the tough questions. I once said, that if anyone can heal the nation in a post-Trump world. It would be James Comey, and today, the country took it’s first step towards that future. Comey solidified his place in history, but his story is only beginning. In the testimony, Comey joked that he was, “in between jobs.” Someone else responded, “You will have other opportunities.” There better be other opportunities for the most honorable man in modern day politics! He should honestly think about running, and if he does, he should run as an independent and he’ll win. No other politician, not even “I-get-great-ratings-Trump,” can bring in the ratings Comey will get today. This type of ratings, not the fake controversial swelled up ratings, that Trump loves is what turns viewers into voters.



John J. Falco