June 21, 2021
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Children have effectively changed the conversation on gun control. A swelling nation-wide protest over the past week, since the Parkland massacre, has revitalized political discourse in this country.

While not pleasing to Olympic medal counters, US Hockey fans, or Jimmy Fallon, CNN quickly gathered a group of thousands of furious parents and children of Stoneman Douglas High School and gave them a platform so that they can share their thoughts to the country. The conversation quickly took off on social media. Even overshadowing US medal wins.

I gotta give some credit to Senator Marco Rubio for actually going, probably the only GOP person who would, but he just did his usual Rubio stuff which doesn’t fly in the faces of those kids. All he did was dance around the issues, he’s never firm on anything and can switch from moderate to RWNJ in a manner of hours, I guess depending on whoever is in his ear. It’s not hard to say I won’t take NRA money. I think when one kid asked him to stop taking money from the NRA, the correct answer should have been a strong, “I will not take any more money from the NRA.”

Jake Tapper did well moderating and calming down the angry crowd, but there’s been some controversy already with the NRA’s presence at the townhall as well as a kid who claims that CNN wanted to give him scripted questions. It seems like he wanted more time to share his story. Funny how the RWNJs are using it to promote their crisis actors idea, when the kid wanted to be more emotional and tell more about what he was feeling. He probably wants stronger gun laws too so none of this helps their cause.

CNN said the father was the one who took the kid out of the debate. It was probably CNN’s best town hall ever.

John J. Falco