March 3, 2021
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If you’ve paid any close attention to Dr. Charles’ Psychiatry career on the TV show Chicago Med, you’ve seen some freaky stuff.

There are the “normal” things you would see in any psychiatrists career path like diagnosing drug addicts or those who’ve been sold into prostitution/sex slavery. However, even those examples have mild hints of the alt-right’s hold on society. The show with some good reasons has also been slammed for racism and may be highlighting, “white people problems,” over the medical issues inside gang-infested streets of Chicago.

I think I remember only one or two episodes where patients came in from gangs directly off the streets with actual wounds. But of course, gangbanger after gangbanger coming in every episode is not very dramatic. So the showrunners have to improvise and on top of that come up with different diseases or in Dr. Charles’ case problems for people to suffer from.  That’s where the alt-right comes in.

The hospital where Dr. Charles works appears to be in a safe area, and sure most of Chicago is just like any other city. There’s almost no danger or worry from this type of gang activity. In fact, in the season 2 finale Dr. Charles found himself shot in gut by a mentally deranged white person who felt he wasn’t getting enough treatment by the Doctor.

This brings us to the bulk of Dr. Charles’ patients or other’s who get brought in to the hospital. There is a huge underlying problem that has sprung up in this anti-establishment culture that has taken America by storm. It’s not the public’s distrust of the military, politicians, the media, or the justice system (See Chicago Justice). A fifth estate that nobody is talking about is the medical industry!

Due to the internet, anybody can look up their symptoms online or get the weirdest and factually incorrect information about how to raise children and what do in an emergency if something happens to you. Everybody is an expert, but nobody can agree. While that sounds great in theory, in practice it doesn’t work, and as the show points much too often, the patients are wrong and they make things worse.

We’ve all seen the eccentric character that diagnoses himself with the worst possible outlook he can think of thanks to the internet, but Chicago Med takes this concept a step farther. From looking up what smells are in your house and ignoring them, avoiding all GMO foods because some book or website tells you those things are bad for babies, to not trusting medical equipment or vaccines due to fears of death rays and autism. Underneath the racism and the perversions these are all commonplace beliefs inside alt-right conspiracy groups and they’ve been there the whole time.

So while these groups might be screaming more about the military industrial complex or the mainstream media. They also don’t trust doctors either and I’m not sure what the bigger problem is.

John J. Falco