April 16, 2021
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If you take a look at the early episodes of Law & Order today, you’ll see how hopelessly outdated they are. It is fun pointing out how the crimes committed on the show before cell phones could have been prevented with them.

Yet that doesn’t mean, that technology solves all of societies problems. In a three episode cross-over the One Chicago franchise created by the mastermind behind Law & Order, Dick Wolf came together after a fire at a rave went horribly wrong.

Using a smart mix of pyromania, social media, and a ripped from the headlines fake news story that seemed oddly similar to pizzagate, Chicago Justice brought it all home at the end of that three hour Chicago movie.

That Chicago Block by advertising the fourth show in the Chicago TV franchise would end up dominating the night in ratings, as it averaged 9 Million viewers! As for Justice, I’d say it’s the best show in the entire franchise, and one of the best pilots I’ve seen since Suits premiered in 2011. Even though Chicago Fire holds a special place in my heart, Justice may knock it off my top ten favorite shows list if it steers this same¬†steady course.

As it appears that, Dick Wolf has another hit on his hands, the one thing on everyone’s minds is what’s next for the Chicago franchise?

John J. Falco