September 23, 2020
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The Verdict is in. The Good Wife beats Law & Order!!!! Four Chicago shows will not be in the cards next TV season, as NBC has opted not to renew the latest Dick Wolf Production for a second season.

Justice was the newest, most controversial, and perhaps most conservative show that came out of the Chicago Ivory TV Tower. Many analysts knew it was coming, even at the upfronts, one of the Chicago shows were not going to make it. However, most people thought that perhaps Chicago Med was going to be the one to get the ax. After all, Justice just got started, and it could have grown a bigger audience.

Also, the ratings were pretty competitive on the low end of the ratings spectrum. It easily competed with and rated higher than Taken and Shades of Blue, both shows which got renewed. Perhaps, despite it being a cool idea, the Law & Order universe moving to Chicago for a reboot within the TV show didn’t please the advertisers.

In a different milestone, The Good Fight CBS’ first streaming show, has just beat out Chicago Justice. The last leg of the Chicago Table should have given that lowly production a run for it’s money, but in the age of retooling TV shows The Good Fight has surprisingly come out on top. Chicago Justice will NOT be the next legal franchise on TV. The interconnected multi-state legal universe that spanned generations is no more. That legacy now belongs to the streaming generation.


John J. Falco