April 1, 2020
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Update: WH says Trump has not yet made the decision, so this might have been too good to be true. Let’s see.

Should it be concerning that our President is so cartoon-y that a cartoon about the President has already predicted his very move, not once, but twice?

This may be a case of even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but if Stephen Colbert’s satirical cartoon keeps it up, he could be the world’s greatest fortune teller. As reported by Deadline, the pilot episode of Our Cartoon President contains a Fox & Friends segment eerily similar to an actual one!

Episode two couldn’t get past the Melania Trump question.

By episode three, they took things up a notch. Featuring a longer plot about a depressed Donald Trump who couldn’t outshine Obama’s legacy. No matter how many regulations of Obama’s he overturned he couldn’t stay happy. Not even kicking Osama Bin Laden’s head through a goal post in the Super Bowl.

Cartoon Trump at WHCD

Then he came up with the idea to go to the Correspondents’ Dinner and that making fun of himself would get people to like him. It remains to be seen if Trump will dare to make fun of himself as is customary at the Dinner, but it must be noted that Trump was adamantly against going last year. Just hours ago, this episode aired on Showtime and the official announcement was made today.

Our Cartoon President once again, predicts the future!

John J. Falco