January 19, 2020
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Syfy channel is trying something new with 12 Monkeys. The bingeable time travel drama is scheduled to come back for season 3 May 19, but instead of airing each of the ten episodes weekly, Syfy has opted to air them all in a single weekend.

Now, usually this bodes bad news for a series. It means that the network doesn’t know how well it will do and wants to empty their calendar for other things instead. Basically shelving it. However, 12 Monkeys was renewed for a fourth and final season. So what does syfy intend with this binge-effect?

Syfy’s parent company NBC said in a statement that they did it for the fans who skew younger and might like this type of thing. However, I must note that the ratings for 12 Monkeys haven’t been stellar. Season 2 averaged only 400,000 viewers. That’s abysmal no matter how you cut it.

It is an interesting experiment for the struggling network to save the grace of one of its more high concept franchises. The question is will it work and change the scheduling of the TV industry forever?

John J. Falco