August 14, 2020
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The attempted reboot of Blade-Runner has bombed at the Box Office throwing sci-fi remakes into question once again. Although the lower budget horror franchise IT is currently taking over the Box Office, followed by new franchise My Little Pony and franchise sequel Kingsman 2.

Blade Runner was an attempt to remake a classic science fiction movie. Everyone loved the production value and hardly anyone has criticized the plot. Yet no one went to go see the movie which is suffering a similar to fate that Power Rangers did. An honest to god great movie that has everything Hollywood critics has been screaming about which failed to materialize any buzz whatsoever.

The problem with Blade-Runner is that nobody under 40 wants to see it or even really knows what it is. Based on the promotions and the advertisements, it’s hard to figure out what exactly the film is supposed to be about with actually knowing about the Blade-Runner universe beforehand.

John J. Falco