September 23, 2020
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The Pirate Drama Black Sails is ending it’s run after season four. I’ve often said that Black Sails is one of the most unpredictable Television series on TV. With so many allegiances broken and new ones made throughout it’s four season run. One thing we do know, is that everything leads to Long John Silver and Treasure Island and they did a hell of a job getting there.

Season Four opened with what the Black Sails team has done so well for four years. A good old fashioned pirate battle without the cheesy music or Johnny Depp. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any music whatsoever in the fighting scenes and very little in the show itself. When it does rear itself, the music is as cold and bone crunching as it’s main title theme song, as well as the brutal scenes throughout the rest of the show.

Even as some characters, take a back seat to make way for Silver. Hiring probably some of the buffest swashbuckling actors and some of the sexiest international actresses on TV has only helped Black Sails gain international fandom and with its entry into comic-con nerdom stabilized. Asking what comes next for the Treasure Island Universe, only comes natural in the age of the franchise.

As goes the cast, Black Sails’ fanbase is as far reaching as the seas on which the pirates sailed. Fans don’t want to see the pirate drama end, and I don’t blame them. Starz may want to think twice about completely abandoning this juicy intellectual property, otherwise there be pirates to answer to.

John J. Falco



  1. gowno Posted on July 5, 2017 at 3:39 am

    they are idiots, and fuck them, fuck them hard, fuck them, idiots… fucking idiots… FUCK !

    such a good show potential wasted, action could be extended, important action could happen later, more fuckin fillers FOR FUCK SAKE ! XDDD

    more fuckin journeys,,, why its all about main action, nothing beside, not enough at least !

    FUCK! THEM HARDDddddd arghhhh!